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Bloody Marys at Genna's - A Perfect Farmer's Market Saturday in Madison

I’m Libby, a twenty-something Wisconsin native blogging from the outskirts of Madison.  The title of this blog comes from a 2008 New York Times article on drinking habits in Wisconsin, in which a UW Medical school dean called our state “an island of excessive consumption.”  He of course meant this as an admonishment, however, the comment made a different impression on me.  I believe plenty Sconnies would take this label as a source of pride – we eat cheese, we drink beer – overall, we imbibe excessively – and we’re not ashamed of it.  Of course, many of us do have more refined tastes on occasion – there’s some damn good craft beer and artisan cheese coming from WI these days – but we’ll all still happily scarf down a brat smothered in kraut, devour a greasy basket of fried cheese curds, and wash it all down with a PBR, Schlitz, or High Life.  So, that said, this blog simply chronicles my eating and drinking adventures in our great state, as well as wherever in the big world this small-town girl goes.

I currently live in tha ‘burbs with my boyfriend and 2 kitties.  It was a hard transition leaving downtown Madison (you mean I can’t walk to the Farmer’s Market anymore??), but his big kitchen, with granite counters and all the cupboard space in the world, makes it easier (and, ya know, I love him and stuff).  I’m currently funemployed, and filling my time being a modern stay-at-home-girlfriend – making good food while wearing a fun apron.  Of course, AJ loves cooking too, so occasionally some man-cooked meals appear here.  These days, however, he’s mostly in charge of cocktails and grilling.


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